Frank Cumberland
A 69-year-old Ohio transplant, retired lawyer, recreational skier and golfer, high-performance driving instructor, civic activist, and watchdog.

Deja Mitchell

Deja is a Utah native. She spent much of her life in Eden at her grandmother’s house: horseback riding, hiking, and skiing in the area. She graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in modern dance and has taught and performed locally for many years. She worked for Weber County Library in Huntsville, North Ogden and Roy. Currently, she teaches African dance at Weber State University and works full time on campus.

Deja and her husband Drew opened Eden Coffee and Cocoa in 2002. They love to share their environmentally and socially friendly coffee and chocolate, as well as to create a connecting place for the community. They had an adventurous wedding at Neuschwanstein castle in Germany in 2006.

Leon Fielding 
Born in Ogden and lived in Huntsville my entire life. Attended Valley Junior High, graduated from Weber High School in 1954. Attended Weber State College and Utah State University with Logistics Management as my Major. Drafted in to the US Army in 1959 and Honorably discharged in 1961.  Married to Dorothy (Bailey) Fielding 46 years and raised 2 daughters. We have six grandchildren. Retired from the Defense Depot in Ogden after 33 years as a Logistics Manager. After retirement, took up raising horses and sheep. Founding member of the Valley Citizens for Responsible Development in March, 2007. 

Richard Sorensen

A Huntsville native, Sorensen left the Valley in the late 80's for ten years for education, career and to see the world. Over that ten year span, he spent 9 years, 11 1/2 months trying to move back. Sadly, most of his friends and classmates have been priced out and now reside in the city, only dreaming that someday they can move "home."

A self proclaimed Ogden Valley advocate, Sorensen hopes to offer his kids (and their kids) the same rural childhood he enjoyed. He lives two blocks from his childhood home and currently serves on the Huntsville Town Council.

Larry Zini

Retired manager for a large corporation. Moved to Utah in 2004, became a resident of Ogden Valley in 2005 and have been active in Odgen Valley citizen concerns since that time. My wife, Sharon and I have 4 children, 6 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Former Chairman of theVCRD.

Drew Johnson




Chris Johnson



Fred Smullin

I have lived in the Ogden Valley since 2004 after living in Peterson, Utah and Layton, Utah.  I have been in the computer software industry for over 20 years, much of which has been spent as a contractor to the Department of Defense as well as commercial clients in the U.S. and abroad.  I have helped start up and/or manage four small businesses during those years as well.  The latest start up that I am assisting is my lovely wife's organic farming venture growing produce, flowers, and collecting chicken eggs to sell at local markets.  We enjoy the valley and the residents who have been so welcoming to us.  My mission is to contribute to responsible growth planning and achieve the best balance possible.

Ernie Goff

Recent newcomer since march of 2004 from Cape Cod Mass. retired trial lawyer, interests include skiing and kayaking, advocate for enforcing all laws effecting development and the environment. I live in Huntsville.

Sandra Tuck

My involvement in Planning started 40 years ago. I helped to get the Valley planning committee back up and going. I then started going to meetings and providing input. I was appointed to the Board of Adjustment and served for about 30 years. I was the first woman Chairman and served 2 or 3 times. I was appointed to the Weber County Planning board when it meant something, not just a recommending body. I served about 30 years and I helped with the cluster idea for Wolf Creek and signed the Moose Hollow plat. I also attended the APA 1997 National Planning Conference in San Diego, CA which at the time was looking at their track trains.

We brought back plans for Tracks & Front Rummer and I helped start the Red Ribbon campaigns in Weber County. I served on the Master Plan committee and the building of Snowcrest and served on many other projects. I will continue to assist with up coming projects and problems.

"Speak up for what you want, or take what you get!"

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