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9/1/11 Meeting of Board of Trustees Minutes

8:25 PM Deja Mitchell called a meeting of the VCRD Board of Trustees to order. Those trustees present were Leon Fielding, Ernie Goff, Frank Cumberland, Bart Schroder, Fred Smullin, Chris Johnson, Larry Zini and Deja Mitchell. Also present was Sharon Zini, secretary.

• The financial statement of August 31, 2011 was approved at the 9/1/11 Annual Membership Meeting, so will not be reviewed here.

• The Board was asked to approve the minutes of the 3/1/11 Board of Trustee meeting. An error was identified in the minutes. Chris Johnson’s name was incorrectly noted as Chris Granath and corrected. Frank Cumberland moved to approve the minutes as corrected; Larry Zini seconded the motion. The minutes were approved with correction.

• Frank Cumberland reviewed the Resolution passed on April 30, 2011 authorizing the VCRD to reimburse Board Member Fred Smullin $200 toward his cash outlay of $300 to Weber County to propose a new zoning ordinance dealing with the subject of Therapeutic Schools. The motion was made by Frank via e-mail, and duly seconded with sufficient affirmative votes (6) with Mr Smullin abstaining. A copy of said Resolution is on file with the VCRD secretary. Fred Smullin thanked the VCRD for their support in this endeavor.

• Frank Cumberland reviewed Amendment V to the By Laws Article IV – Governing Board, Section 4.2 Number, Tenure and Qualificaitons, adopted by a majority of Board members March 1, 2011. There will now be eleven (11) Trustees on the Governing Board. Each Trustee will hold office for a period of 3 years or until he or she is removed or replaced in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation and By Laws of the VCRD.

• Leon Fielding made a motion to amend the By Laws Article IV, Section 4.6 Quorum, to reflect that a quorum is now 6 members of the Board. Larry Zini seconded the motion. A discussion followed on whether the VCRD could keep the original quorum at 3 members VS. making this change. No final vote was taken on this motion.

• Deja said that since her time on the Board has expired she is resigning as Chairperson. She asked for nominations for the position. Larry Zini recommended the Board ask Richard Sorensen to accept the Chair position. All present agreed and asked Larry to contact Richard to see if he would accept this responsibility. Larry will report back on this matter at the next Board meeting.

• The next meeting of the Board of Trustees will be held on Wednesday, November 2 at 7:00 PM in the large conference room at the Huntsville Library.

As there was no further business to discuss Deja asked for a motion to adjourn. Larry Zini made a motion to adjourn, Leon Fielding seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted: Sharon Zini, Secretary







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