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Proposed "Powder Mountain Town"

Understand this map and pitch in to help. Not only to help the homeowners that are being forced into the town without a vote, but also to protect the ambience and beauty of Ogden Valley.

The red area clearly delineates the proposed town of Powder Mountain if the incorporation is approved. Powder Mountain has indicated that they wish to put about 10,000 units in the lower red area from left to right. These would be on 1/3 acre lots. Be aware that the proposed town planning commission of Powder Mountain can ignore the existing Weber County ordinances regarding density, ridge lines, and lot size since they can make their own zoning decisions!

Your support for the legal case for the affected homeowners could stop this from happening!

Act now! If you wish to contribute with a donation please send your check to:

Citizens Rights Defense Fund
PO Box 231
Eden, UT 84310
Or contact Darla Van Zeben 801-745-4740

Check out their website:






"Speak up for what you want, or take what you get!"

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